Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rebozo: A Traditional Tool for Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond


I recently had the privilege of attending a rebozo workshop with a group of lovely ladies.  It was great fun and I learned a lot of awesome techniques that I'm excited to use!

What is a rebozo?

A rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl.  It is a long piece of woven cloth with fringe at either end. Rebozos are used in many ways: as a head covering, a shawl for warmth, to block the sun, carry babies or goods, and as a tool for pregnancy and childbirth.  I loved learning about the historical context of the rebozo and how important it is in Mexican culture.  It has uses for birth, death, and everything in between.

During labor I can use the rebozo to help you relax physically and mentally, assist you in a variety of positions, and encourage baby into a more optimal position, if necessary.  The rebozo is an incredibly versatile tool!

Here are some ways that you might be interested in utilizing a rebozo:


During pregnancy:

A rebozo can be wrapped around your belly in the later weeks of pregnancy to help support the extra weight and give your back, hips, and pelvis some relief.  It can also be wrapped around your hips and tightened if you're experiencing hip or pelvic discomfort.  You can use the same technique postpartum if you would like to feel a little more supported.


During labor:  

A rebozo can be used in many ways during labor.  Some easy, yet effective techniques include supporting your belly while in hands and knees position, wrapping it around your hips and tightening for counter pressure, or using it to tie on a warm rice sock or tennis balls (tie them on, then lean against the wall for counter pressure).


Once baby is here:

Wear your baby!  And enjoy all the benefits of babywearing, utilizing a tool that helped you during pregnancy and birth.

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