Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Positive Birth Experience Isn't About How You Birth


I have two children and neither birth was my ideal experience.

Both births were very similar on the surface, yet when describing the birth of my second child I use words like: healing. empowering. positive.

What changed?

My second birth was about more than just getting baby here safely, the journey was important as well.

I was more than just a vessel carrying the baby who was the main focus and priority.

My thoughts, feelings, and opinions mattered.

I was an active participant in my baby's birth, making choices I felt good about.

I had a supportive birth team whom I trusted.  Our relationship was built on a solid foundation of mutual respect.

We had common goals: healthy mom, healthy baby, positive experience.

Instead of finding myself a few hours postpartum, holding a newborn, feeling dazed and disheartened as I did with my first birth, I snuggled my second baby, feeling confident and satisfied.

What changed?


Support for me as a woman.  Support for me as a mother.  Support for me as someone worthy of an opinion on what happens to my body and my baby.  That support is key.

Having your ideal birth is not required in order to have a positive experience.  A positive and satisfying birth experience has more to do with how you feel while you're birthing than how you birth.

My personal birth experience is a significant piece of why I became a doula.  I understand just how important is is to feel supported on your birthing journey. I want to support you in having your confident, empowered, and satisfying birth.

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